Who we are.

Raison D'etre

We believe in creating ‘inspired content’ which is original, relevant and differentiated; to inform, engage and activate target audiences. Successful corporate professionals having  across-the-board industry expertise, with content creation, design thinking and product marketing acumen have joined hands to create ByGeorge Content Solutions. Invest in content marketing and create enduring brand value, through strategic content assets and rewarding customer experiences.

Saint George

St. George is a Christian martyr who is an ideal of martial valour and selflessness. The Saint is the patron saint of soldiers.

In memory of Dr. C.T. George

He was an Indian Navy sailor in his youth, banker by profession and a prolific writer on economic, social and religious matters.

'Inspired' content

We believe in creating inspired content drawn from different walks of life. We seek inspiration from diverse sources – be it literature, technology, arts, philosophy, design, sciences, humanities – to produce original, relevant, differentiated content which truly engages the prospect.

Crystallizing the content by amalgamating the value proposition and brand promise, productizes and transforms it. This ‘Productized & Optimized Digital Content’ delivers the marketing impact to target audiences, enhancing the brand story, and creating a compelling digital narrative.

About the logo

ByGeorge logo signifies a majestic leap, meticulously planned and executed, into the vast and boundless skies to boldly cross the limits, traversing the frontiers of space to achieve the impossible. The valiant cause, structured approach and the interplay of technology builds an invincible platform, which propels the enterprise forward. The vibrant deck manned by the brilliant and committed crew allows for an admirable flight, soaring high and embracing the goal, to establish a firm, magical, acclaimed position for the brand. 

The story behind the name

‘By George’ is an expression of mild exclamation and pleasant surprise. The name ‘George’ has Greek origin, with Geo meaning earth; and the name has come to symbolise commitment to a cause, vigorous effort and structured thinking, culminating in the fruits of labour. Eponymous personalities across history are seen as passionate, fiery, thought leaders and personification of greatness.

Our purpose

“Actively contribute as an accelerator for the Indian economy , create inspired content and execute marketing strategy, to power ‘Digital First’  for fast-growing enterprises.”

Our inspiration

“A decision is not a product of consensus, it is not a process of democratic practices; it is an autocratic, self-dominating action. A key man may act democratic, open-minded and people-involving. It only indicates that he is willingly giving a chance to others to express and expose their views. But in the ultimate analysis the decision making process boils down to an act of the exclusive self. A decision once taken becomes his or her property. The owner of the decision experiences gain or pain through his own choice under the circumstances.”

Decision Making : An Indispensable Skill – Introductory Article by C.T.George in the book, ‘Effective Decision Making – A Guide to Managers’.

Members of the board

Successful corporate professionals with expertise in editorial, publishing, sales & marketing, academics and design, have joined hands to create ByGeorge Content Solutions. Content marketing and management acumen of the panel, honed over 60 years of accumulated corporate and professional experience, is harnessed while executing projects. The confluence of a diverse team with unique skillsets and capabilities – ranging across verticals such as publishing, media & communications, information technology, education, banking, consumer goods – lends discernment and distinctiveness in content creation and content marketing.

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Jimmy George C.


Dr. Abhishek Kumar


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28 Dec 2022

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Liudmyla Glashchenko

Design Head - Sutra Consulting