Content-design-marketing capabilities
honed with corporate expertise.

We create inspired and differentiated content; and imaginatively deploy it on digital platforms, to create a compelling business narrative. Original content creation, design of content assets, and strategic digital marketing blend finely in our content marketing strategy. Invest in content marketing to create enduring brand value and rewarding customer experiences.
Quality First

Digital landscape needs 'Productized Content'

  • Compelling, relevant content leading to deeper, stronger customer engagement
  • Explosion of social media consumption and digital sweep making mobile ‘first’ screen in the digital world
  • Consumer buying behavior changing to research-based buying from impulse buying
  • Millennials & digital natives dramatically shaping online brand conversations
  • Resonating with online communities enhancing custoemr satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Content marketing delivering abundant audience reach, business discovery and buyer interest

Productized content creation : A 5-level process

Content creation at ByGeorge Content Solutions follows a rigorous and disciplined 5-Level Process.

Content created is refined to deliver the brand promise and convey the value proposition; this delivers usability to the customer and marketability for the business. In other words, the subjective content has to be transformed into ‘Productized Content’ -relevant, differentiated and salient. This is achieved by value-adding to the basic content in two layers – a messaging layer and a marketing layer. The final output is enriching, inspirational content delivering the product message and brand story, whilst creating a compelling narrative to meet the desired business goals.


Concept Stage

Content Planning

Strategic content assets are determined, creative direction is set and the new-age digital platforms selected.


Basic Level

Content Research

Information gathering by accessing management team, product literature, business insights and external sources.


Messaging Level

Content Creation

Seasoned content writers develop the content, by processing information and creatively expressing the idea .


Marketing Level

Brand Salience

Content is value-added by marketing experts, for message reach and impact among the target audiences.


Final Stage

Content Editing

Editor reviews the content for  distinctiveness and story telling, with premium-ness as the distinguishing factor.

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