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First hand insight into how our processes have been implemented in all the projects we’ve worked on. We strive to be the best in  branded content, digital design and strategic marketing for the products and businesses we handle.
Featured case studies

Design Project – Radar Consulting, UAE

Design thinking and UI/UX design of web platform for IT company…

Jaaji Technologies, Ongole & Hyderabad

Promoting ‘Digital Operations Execution System’ for process industries with marketable content and digital design…

Effiya Technologies, Singapore

Boosting organic rank and search marketing position using SEO and content marketing…
AVT Global_Logo

AVT Global, France

Designing a web platform for online business discovery….

The Indian Motif, Bangalore

Brand differentiators for unique positioning and content efficacy of the e-commerce store…

HBM Sarl, France

Creating a digital platform to present industrial engineering solutions….
Sutra Management Consultancies_Content Marketing_ByGeorge Content Solutions

Blog Marketing – Technology

Blog Content Creation & Blog Marketing for a Consulting & Analytics Firm…

EventPlus, Kochi

Feature-rich content and sleek web design to actively market the event-tech platform….
Technology Platform Marketing ByGeorge Content Solutions

Digityze360, Dubai

Creating digital presence and brand identity for the automation governance platform….

Innovature Technologies, Kochi

State-of-the-art digital content and web design for information technology services….
Visontek Product Marketing from ByGeorge Content Solutions
Visiontek Logo

Visiontek, Hyderabad

Applications marketing using productization of technology content and product presentation….

Effiya Technologies, Singapore

Growing the digital platforms using branded content and marketing the fintech suite….

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28 Dec 2022

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