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Content Creation, Content Productization, Web Design & Development, Branding, Positioning

Content Assets

Product Portfolio, Technological Capabilities, ISO & Quality Systems, Industrial & Commercial Applications, Company Information

Brand Assets

Brand Imagery, Visual Identity

Marketing Model

Features – Advantages – Benefits

HBM Sarl is a leading consulting and development partner for various industries across industrial engineering, harbours & ports, energy & environment, safety & security. HBM is the authorized representative of leading technical brands in the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) category. Headquartered in Craintilleux in France, HBM offers the highest quality and excellence from accurately designed parts to innovative solutions.

Business Requirement

The engineering firm required a top class web platform to present their products and services to the global clientele. As this was the corporate holding firm of the group, it was sought to be represented as a leading provider of engineering solutions with efficiency and business built on trust. The business required a market position reflecting high standards of excellence and global exposure.

Core Service - Engineering Solutions Provider

HBM supplies a complete range of products and new solutions for industrial and harbor applications – from mechanical, hydraulic, electrical to electronics supplies at 100% OEM level quality.

Our Content Marketing Goal

The content marketing strategy focused on presenting HBM Sarl as a leading technology and development partner for industrial applications. Key business propositions were identified and presented, highlighting the specific product categories and associated range with clear benefits. The business needed to carve out a significant position in the OEM market, which necessitated setting up brand identity encompassing branded content, visuals and imagery, technical language and nomenclature.

Content Research and Content Creation

Content research involved vetting the product manual and business presentation, gleaning the necessary material and then validating it in discussion with the client. Comparison and cross linkages were determined with the businesses of the group, to enable homogeneity. Visual content mostly consisted of product images wherever applicable. Visual imagery was established with harbours, ports and industrial workspaces, to shape a technological position. The content focussed on the key features and benefits, and the quality leadership of the business.

Marketing Model applied for Productization

The Feature-Advantage-Benefit (FAB) model was applied in content marketing, as this was engineering services and solutions with a very detailed range of products for specific industrial applications. The purpose of the business was about providing accurately designed parts and innovative solutions, offering the highest quality and excellence, which mandated precision, reliability and suitability as the key values.

Presenting Product FAB

HBM supplies the complete range of products, from different machine manufacturers and their sub-suppliers. The verticals catered to include mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronics components in 100% OEM quality.

Quality with ISO Certification

The management system of HBM Sarl is in compliance with the First Quality Certification requirements as per ISO 9001:2015. The certificate was incorporated to establish the relentless focus on quality and efficiency.

Search-Friendly Content

The content was created and distributed to cater to the organic search process, with due diligence conducted in keyword research and analysis, and ensuring sufficient keyword distribution for improved search ranking.

New Website Launch

28 Dec 2022

Unveiling by

Liudmyla Glashchenko

Design Head - Sutra Consulting