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Sutra Management Consultancies is a group of business advisory firms offering advisory services into Analytics, Business strategy, Financial Crime Compliance and Big data.

Business Requirement

We presented a use-case for the leading consulting and analytics company, Sutra Management Consultancies.

Blog Creation & Blog Marketing

The blog was titled ‘How Sutra optimized alerts using threshold fine-tuning for a leading Bank’. Blog marketing project included blog creation with inputs from the project team and blog marketing on web, social and digital media.

Our Content Marketing Goal

The goal was to establish the business as a thought leader with authority on leading financial compliance technologies. The content marketing strategy was formulated to identify and activate key marketing propositions, crystallized from the competitive advantages and service portfolio of the business.

Content Research and Content Creation

Content research included collection of information across the business verticals and functions, and across-the-board audit of digital platforms and digital marketing initiatives. Key propositions were identified for content marketing and critical success factors established.

Marketing Model applied for Productization

The target market includes SMEs and medium-scale organisations, mid to senior level professionals who are decision makers or be potential influencers. This being B2B marketing, and catering to specific industries and market segments, the marketing model of segmentation-targetting-positioning (STP) was applied in the content marketing strategy.

Use-case Summary

Sutra Management Consultancies incorporated threshold fine-tuning for optimizing alerts from legacy scenarios, for one of the largest banks in UAE. Sutra Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) Advisory was required to address the challenge of enhancing the legacy system, to better handle investigation and improve productivity.

Core Benefit Featured

This alert optimization feature developed by Sutra Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) Advisory uses an analytical model with threshold fine-tuning. It improved the productivity rate of alerts by as much as 1.75X times, and further reduced false positives by over 15% of the total alerts. These twin benefits positively impacted the efficacy and accuracy of the alert investigation.

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