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Designing a web platform for online business discovery.

In a nutshell


Advanced Vehicular Technology (AVT) Global


Engineering Solutions


France, Turkey & South Africa




Content Research, Content Creation, Content Productization, Web Design & Development, Branding, Positioning

Content Assets

Product Portfolio, Product Categories & Sub-categories, Brand Tie-ups, Capabilities, Company Information

Brand Assets

Brand Imagery, Visual Identity, Corporate Branding

Marketing Model

Features, Advantages & Benefits – FAB model

AVT Global, a subsidiary of AVT Sarl in France, offers superior solutions for your precision needs, as a premier development partner and authorized OEM representative of leading engineering brands.

Business Requirement

The newly set up business required a comprehensive web platform to list the entire products and services, and categorize and present it for business discovery. The wide range of industries and sectors to be serviced, had to be featured with the relevant product mix. The brand tie-ups and partnerships had to be mentioned in line with the global market focus and the advanced technology solutions offered.

Core Service - Vehicular Development Partner

Advanced Vehicular Technology (AVT) Global is a leading supplier of driveline parts, protection systems, accessories, control systems and certified spare-parts for vehicles and vehicular applications.
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Our Content Marketing Goal

The content marketing strategy sought to position AVT Global as a reliable vehicular development partner and authorized OEM representative, The product categorization was carried out as per the product-market fitment, and core propositions were identified. Thereafter brand identity, branded content, visual imagery and technical language was established and operationalized across the website.

Content Research and Content Creation

Content research included availing the requite product information and then categorizing it as per the application and industry. Textual content was generated through management discussions, studying product manuals and referring the brand tie-ups. Visual content was developed basis the product functionality and the engineering background.

Marketing Model applied for Productization

The Feature-Advantage-Benefit (FAB) model was applied in content marketing, being a technology business with a clear set of products and services.

Product Portfolio Rationalisation

The product categories and sub-categories were made with specific product listings and the industries operating in. The authorized brands in each category were grouped together. Basis this segregation, content layout and webpages were created.

Brand Identity Creation

The business positioning and brand identity was created after studying the competitive advantages of the business, global nature of operations and sough after position as a engineering solutions provider with an array of products and brands.

Featuring Products & Brands

The differentiated product offerings were detailed and presented on the website, with relevant text and imagery. The brands which formed part of the business and for which AVT served as the authorized representative were listed alongwith the products.

New Website Launch

28 Dec 2022

Unveiling by

Liudmyla Glashchenko

Design Head - Sutra Consulting