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Business Positioning, Content Research, Content Creation, Content Productization, Digital Design, UX Design, Long-form Content Marketing, Project Management

Content Assets

Digital-Cloud Proposition, Core Services, Industries, Technologies, Capabilities, Use-cases

Brand Assets

Business Re-positioning, Visual Identity, Brand Imagery, Corporate Branding

Marketing Model

Features, Advantages & Benefits – FAB model

Innovature is a global information technology business, providing end-to-end solutions and services in the areas of IT and technology consulting. Innovature has for more than a decade expertly steered its clients worldwide towards innovative products and services for their digital transformation.

Business Requirement

The IT business and its digital assets required a definitive shift towards the US market to leverage the newer opportunities and expansion possibilities. This required developing a new business narrative and revamping the digital content and online design. The mandate included end-to-end changes in the web and digital outreach, including the presentation of services, technologies, industries and capabilities.

Core Service – Digital & Cloud Platforms

Innovature provides IT consulting to various industry segments like retail, utilities, media & entertainment, energy etc. and leverages AI, RPA and block chain technologies to deliver business growth. It offers a full development cycle—a one-stop shop for all your technology development needs.
Information Technology Marketing ByGeorge Content Solutions

Our Content Marketing Goal

The main goal was to produce content that is fresh, relevant to the new target markets, and impactful. The key marketing propositions included the digital-cloud foray, technology leadership and the wide array of services and technology platforms. A new business imagery as a quality provider with sophistication was the need. Productization of content was important and it was decided to ensure uniformity and authenticity of content. Compelling and relevant content with engaging design interfaces was required for deeper customer engagement with the brand. Reputation management was important to preset the brand at the highest level.

Content Research and Content Creation

Content research included internal and external activities – detailed understanding of the service offerings, technology platforms on one hand, the industries and market dynamics of the information technology industry on the other. The product literature proved useful in generating the core content. Creative direction setting was conducted and a brand library was created. Branded content followed a rigorous and integrated approach across the content and digital assets, to ensure uniformity of communications across the various media platforms.

Marketing Model applied for Productization

Technology marketing encompasses multi-dimensions and multi-modalities; yet important that everything is featured form a customer point of view. Business benefits and the corresponding interventions in technology to be presented engagingly to resonate with target groups, especially techno-commercial audiences. Features-Advantages-Benefits (FAB) model was deployed in the content marketing strategy throughout and productization was enabled using the brand dimensions and the competitive advantages of the business.

Business Re-positioning as Digital-Cloud enabler

Digital and cloud services and its enablement are becoming a differentiator for IT businesses, and the market is expanding in these domains. Innovature is targeting these segments with a clear strategy and service portfolio. The content and design was revamped to project this key proposition as the primary position, with other elements enhancing and complementing the position.

Product Marketing – Technology Branding

Technology branding is a blend of customer and business benefits presented in the backdrop of technological interventions. Here user perspective assumes importance, and the features and technical advantages needs to be brought out. Core content was section as industries, services, technologies and capabilities to create a compelling digital narrative for the technology business. This was further enhanced with content on media presence, new initiatives and achievements. The design and themes reflected a sophisticated, hi-quality imagery building upon the digital-cloud positioning.

Brand Identity Creation – Business Positioning

The re-positioning exercise involved using the competitive advantages of the business, imaginatively deploying it in a digital-cloud context, to enhance the position of technology leadership and software development and service, across global markets and industries.

Customer Success Stories

Flagship projects were evaluated and content was re-framed from the perspective of the customer and business. These delivered a digital narrative which was lighter and engaging, and can resonate with the prospects involved in the corresponding business situations. The technical features and granularities were stated in the project use-cases, with the technologies and platforms used.

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28 Dec 2022

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