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Jaaji Technologies helps manufacturing companies in their digital transformation journey, by providing industry-centric data analytics and digitalization technologies that facilitate prompt decision-making. The company provides smart software technologies for core industries integrating digital technologies into manufacturing operations.

Business Requirement

The content marketing project sought to present the business as a leading industrial software provider for process industries. The mandate was to create marketing collateral for the newly targetted Digital Operations Execution System (DOES) segment comprising of process industries. This included introducing DOES, explaining the core proposition, highlighting core features and benefits of the product protfolio with marketing propositions, using relevant content & design.

Digital Operations Execution System (DOES)

DOES offers improved operational performance, data accuracy, real-time decision-making,
traceability and accountability resulting in greater efficiency, product quality and
environmental sustainability.

Our Content Marketing Goal

The content marketing goal was to present a marketing collateral, which has compelling and relevant content and has exclusive focus on the target audience, in this case techno-commercial heads of process industries. The core features and customer benefits of the products were identified and marketing propositions were developed, for the new-generation industrial software firm offering ‘Industry 4.0 solutions’. The content marketing mandate included creation of Productized Content with marketing propositions, as well as digital design of the marketing collateral.

Content Research and Content Creation

The extensive product literature supplied the textual content, and the product detailing was vetted through discussions with management and marketing team. Each product was analyzed based on its core function in the customer landscape, and the features-advantages-benefits associated with each. Standardisation and consistency in communication was sought using an industry-specific vocabulary and nomenclature.

Marketing Model applied for Productization

The Feature-Advantage-Benefit (FAB) model adequately explains the key features, the advantages vis-a-vis other market players, and thereby the benefits accruing to the customer from these features. To sharply define the benefits to the niche segment chosen, this techno-marketing model was found to be most suitable.

Technology Marketing

Technology businesses like Jaaji industrial softwae offeings require clear and precise communication to stand out from the technical nomenclature and associated jargons, and deliver the right messaging. Product images including screenshots were displayed thoroughout, to enable quick understanding and product comprehension. This was aptly captured in the tagline – DOES makes ‘a day in life’ easier.

Product Marketing Content

The content followed an informative and benefit-oriented approach with customer-centricity in mind and clear articulation of the job each product is intended to do. Key propositions were identified for content marketing and specific benefits were presented in terms of tangible results. This enabled clear detailing of each product with associated FAB for the intended job.

Templates for Consistency

A standard template was followed across all product offerings, which included a clear proposition, detailed description of what it does, and some of the key benefits which is delivered. This provided a compact and intutitve feel to the design.

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