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AVT Sarl is an engineering company and a leading consulting partner for mining industry; specializing in design, consultancy and supply of driveline systems and technologies. The firm headquartered in France possess in-depth expertise and technical acumen, delivering best-in-class engineering solutions which meets the exacting needs of accuracy and sophistication.

Business Requirement

The engineering firm required a compelling digital platform to showcase their products and services, and to enhance the business position as a leading technical and quality provider of engineering solutions. The business was looking for a technology marketing solution which will provide global stature and reach, be the pivotal force for driving B2B marketing strategy, while establishing the leadership in engineering.

Core Product – Engineering Solutions

AVT is a leading supplier of driveline parts, security systems and certified spare-parts to mining units, industrial plant and military vehicles. The in-depth expertise and high levels of technical acumen, strong delivery capabilities demonstrated across projects spanning many industries and geographies, enabled AVT Sarl to be global leader in technical support and services.

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Our Content Marketing Goal

The content marketing strategy was to create a digital platform encompassing solutions and services, highlighting key product propositions, and offering a sharp brand promise. We intended to present the technical capabilities of the engineering firm operating in industrial and mining sectors, as well as to feature the product categories and leading brands handled, in web, social and digital marketing platforms.

Content Research and Content Creation

Engineering business is about technical excellence, accuracy and quality of solutions, as well as about the capabilities and technologies fused into the engineering solution. Content research was carried out about the businesses, the extensive portfolio of categories and products, and the application areas. The detailed study drew information about the industries operating and an overview of the in-house capabilities of the firm.

Product Portfolio, Technological Capabilities, Industrial & Commercial Applications, Company Information were the content domains in focus. Technical vocabulary and nomenclature were used throughout, thereby enhancing the quality of technical content. Imagery used presented the engineering business in full array, thereby cementing the technical brand position.

Marketing Model applied for Productization

The marketing model of Features-Advantages-Benefits (FAB) model was effectively deployed to present the technical portfolio. Productization was carried out of the based on the specific industries. Keyword distribution in the branded content, and on-page hygiene and responsiveness lend a distinct online appeal augmenting the digital presence. The brand assets included creation of a brand imagery, visual identity and logo re-design in a contemporary manner.

Technology Marketing in New Age Media

Technology marketing is an eclectic mix of state-of-the-art products and solutions, excellent business processes, and high levels of technological capabilities and skillsets. The firm is in the business of delivering best-in-class engineering solutions to demanding industries, meeting the exacting needs of accuracy and sophistication. This facet of the business was duly presented and highlighted in the digital platform, using high-quality branded content, relevant technical imagery and featuring technical specifications of the products into the content marketing strategy.

Featuring Product Categories

The products and solutions offered by AVT Sarl, spans many industries and application areas, across industrial, security systems, drivelines, suspension systems and engineering design consultancy. The digital platform showcased all the verticals, functionalities, accompanying images, brands handled and technical specifications which can be imaginatively used in digital marketing activities at a later stage.

Business Logo Re-creation

It was decided to impart a dynamic dimension to the business in the expanding digital world, and to leverage the technical strengths across the globe. Towards this end a brand audit was conducted, and thereafter the business logo was re-created and made contemporary. A vibrant and rotating globe was introduced, using animation, to reflect the steady progress and 360-degree motion of the mechanical engineering business. The text was sharpened with a facelift and greyish blue was used to denote the nature of business, inside a regulated boundary. The brand identity provided a distinct and symbolic representation of the technical excellence and the adherence to demanding standards.

Content Marketing on Digital

Digital marketing is planned to be launched with a mix of technical blogs to establish and promote superior capabilities, and search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to the website. Translation of content into the major international languages is in consideration, to further enhance product reach across the globe.

New Website Launch

28 Dec 2022

Unveiling by

Liudmyla Glashchenko

Design Head - Sutra Consulting