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Product Marketing, Content Creation, Content Productization, Creative Direction & Development, Social Media Marketing, Blog Marketing, Organic Search Ranking, Search Engine Optimization, SM & Google Ad Campaigns, Lead Generation Funnel, Go-To-Market,

Content Assets

Product FAB, Search Optimized Web Content, Social Media Content, Quora Content, Off-page Listings, Marketing Collateral, Business Insights, Unified Messaging

Brand Assets

Digital Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Brand Imagery

Marketing Model

Features, Advantages & Benefits – FAB Model

Effiya Technologies is a young, AI-driven, technology development company based in Singapore, offering well researched, state-of-the-art products in the areas of financial compliance and analytics, which efficiently delivers quick and real-time business support. The suite of products and solutions are automated, dependable and economical, as well as exclusively designed with a client-centric approach.

Business Requirement

The mandate was to oversee the product marketing for the financial compliance product portfolio, to grow, expand and deepen the product acceptance and penetration. Further content, digital and social marketing strategy was required to be formulated and successfully implemented across all digital and social channels to increase brand awareness, educate audiences, enhance digital customer engagement and acquisitions. It was required to manage all aspects of digital marketing, including the web site, search engine optimization, social marketing, digital advertising across paid, owned and earned channels. The strategic intent was to develop and promote the brand campaigns in collaboration with stakeholders and to put the brand in the highest level in the international platform, and to generate demand for the product.

Core Products – Financial Compliance Product Suite

Effiya Technologies offers a suite of comprehensive solutions to manage anti-money laundering, transaction monitoring, fraud detection and sanctions-screening in the banking and financial services sectors. These niche products are developed from deep business insights and understanding of application areas, leveraging latest technologies and software in financial compliance space.
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Our Content Marketing Goal

The goal was to position the business as a state-of-the-art fintech firm, offering well-researched, cutting-edge products which effortlessly delivers the intended function in financial compliance domain. The strategic roadmap was defined early on including all aspects of content, digital and social marketing. It was imperative to deliver a strong Go-To-Market plan leveraging the markets and customer segments to the fullest possible extent. Consequently, the need to develop a rich bevy of content assets and to nurture an engaged digital community was felt.

The key marketing propositions were sought to be developed from the detailed understanding of the product, especially the technology, features and benefits. Brand positioning and corporate branding was critical being a new-age business, as well as a multi-dimensional marketing strategy with clear and integrated marketing communications.

Content Research and Content Creation

The product literature proved useful in generating the core content and the process flows helped to come up with product basics which could be effectively used in all marketing communications, especially the language and vocabulary. This was further vetted using keyword analysis and re-framed for keyword distribution and seeding. Creative direction setting was conducted and a brand library was created.

Branded content followed a rigorous and integrated approach across the content and digital assets, to ensure uniformity of communications across the various media platforms. The blog content was created primarily by accessing in-house business presentations of Sutra, and Key marketing propositions identified ensured that the right set of branded content is presented exhibiting a tight-fit for a sharp business positioning. Content was created for social media, blogs, internet discussion forums, infographics and marketing collateral, in this fashion. The website content was revamped basis the evolved understanding and marketing insights were applied in the creative content making it unique and differentiated.

Marketing Model applied for Productization

Product marketing is all about creating, communicating and delivering a sharp promise to the customer, and providing compelling reasons to buy basis functional, emotional and social needs. Innovative solutions especially form the fintech arena requires a simpler and lighter treatment to demystify the technology and features, and to communicate effectively tot the target groups in the B2B space. Features-Advantages-Benefits (FAB) model was deployed in the content marketing strategy throughout and productization was enabled using the brand dimensions and the competitive advantages of the business.

Content Marketing – Long-form & Short-form

The content marketing strategy involved long-form and short-form content assets, in regular and continuous manner, deployed across digital channels and new-age media. This served to enhance domain authority and improve the website traffic generation activities, as well as enhancing the customer experience on the digital platform. Content featured the sharp business benefits accruing from the installation of these products, and detailed description of the features and sub-features, the ease of implementation, the core technologies and systems which drive the products. Technology marketing was imaginatively carried out in the realm of fintech, using well-defined propositions including application layers, platform dependencies, customer experiences and business insights.

Product Marketing – Technology Branding

The objective was to present the products in a compelling manner, blending all the relevant information and accrued benefits, with a distinct yet classy imagery denoting sophistication and competence as the dimensions according to the brand framework. The social media marketing included creating and managing social media profiles and creating quality content on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Digital presence was expanded through link-building, business listings and social bookmarking, coupled with developing other social media outlets creatively. Large scale digital marketing campaigns were managed. Content as regularly shared with industry groups and key influencers were roped in from the industry, to augment business reach and engagement. News, industry updates and insights were regularly featured to promote the business.

Lead Management leveraging Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing was carried out to acquire, optimize and grow traffic through multiple digital channels and new age media for the product portfolio. Keyword analysis and keyword targeting ensured that the search focus is clearly defined and pointed. Digital acquisitions and lead generation hinged on search marketing included paid and organic activities carried out regularly, advertising campaigns planned and executed across geographies and industry segments, complemented by on-page and off-page optimization. Campaign analytics was tracked and suitable course corrections were carried out at regular intervals.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership initiatives propel the brand to rarefied heights in business leadership, crafting and complementing an aura of cutting-edge services and solutions. Business leaders were presented voicing their views on the fintech industry, the evolving data modelling and customer analytics space, which was aptly named as ‘Effiya Insights’ series. This was given a conversational form and structured as an interview, making it light and easy to comprehend, as well as to engage highly and creatively with the target audiences. An audio file resembling a podcast was released to augment the business content.

New Website Launch

28 Dec 2022

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Liudmyla Glashchenko

Design Head - Sutra Consulting