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Jaaji Technologies helps manufacturing companies in their digital transformation journey, by providing industry-centric data analytics and digitalization technologies that facilitate prompt decision-making. The company provides smart software technologies for core industries integrating digital technologies into manufacturing operations.

Business Requirement

The content marketing project sought to present the business as a sophisticated provider of advance information technology solutions for process and manufacturing industries. The mandate was to create marketing collateral for presenting the feature-rich product portfolio to prospects; highlighting core features and benefits, with marketing propositions, using relevant content & design.

Core Product - InSis Suite

The flagship product is inSis Suite, which is a new-generation software incorporating process data analytics, visualizations, calculations, dashboards and self-configurable portals, to drive quicker and easier decision-making.

Our Content Marketing Goal

The content marketing goal was to present the business benefits, core features and product advantages of the new-generation software. This was best achieved by positioning the business as a serious technology player with software and manufacturing domain knowledge. The key features and benefits of the products were identified and marketing propositions were developed, to resonate with the intended target audiences.

Content Research and Content Creation

Textual content was generated basis thorough vetting of the product literature and in-depth discussion with management and marketing team. Each product was analyzed for the core job it i intended to do, the feature, advantages and benefits associated. The industry-specific vocabulary and nomenclature was developed. Creative direction setting and establishment of a brand library followed for consistency in communications..

Marketing Model applied for Productization

The Feature-Advantage-Benefit (FAB) model was found suitable for this techno-solution. Jaaji Technologies provides software technologies for oil and gas, energy, utilities, chemical and other process and manufacturing industry. This called for end-to-end solutioning with prodcuts which offer multi-layered capabilities and sub-features.

Product Marketing Content

The content followed an informative, granular and benefit-oriented approach to provide for customer-centricity and clear articulation of the job each product is intended to do.

Technology Marketing

The business caters to data monitoring and analytics requirement in the technology arena, and this was reinforced with effective use of product overviews and snapshots. Specific benefits were crystallized and presented in terms of tangible results, to further the comprehension and adoption. This enabled clear detailing of each product with associated features and benefits, for the intended job.

Visual Identity Projection

The collateral design incorporated basic elements and themes appropriate for the Industry 4.0 service provider. A distinct product imagery with ‘sophistication and simplicity’ emerged from the efficient use of themes, motifs, colours and language.

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28 Dec 2022

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