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Sutra Management Consultancies is a group of business advisory companies, with 15 years of track record in the consulting business. Sutra uses the power of analytics to improve profitability and processes, increase the market share of businesses and adhere to regulatory compliance. Sutra helps organizations monitor, detect and investigate financial crime using quantitative sciences, technology and deep industry expertise.

Business Requirement

The business wanted to improve visibility and brand recognition, and formulate a clear path to reach the right target market. It also required to step up digital presence and social channel performance in terms of delivering brand awareness, reach and customer engagement. It was looking to better engage and resonate with target audiences and build an engaged community.

Core Service – Financial Crime Compliance

Sutra Management Consultancies is an ‘analytics driven advisory’ that helps the clients in implementing their business strategy in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) Advisory from Sutra, partners with leading financial institutions to review compliance programs, and implement state-of-the-art solutions. Sutra provides comprehensive and automated solutions for anti-money laundering compliance programs, financial fraud prevention, sanction-screening and reporting.

Our Content Marketing Goal

The goal was to establish the business as a thought leader with authority on leading financial compliance technologies. The content marketing strategy was formulated to identify and activate key marketing propositions, crystallized from the competitive advantages and service portfolio of the business. The set of marketing activities included focus on identified core areas of the business, defining target markets, industries, companies & professionals, setting up methods to reach them.

Content Research and Content Creation

Content research included collection of information across the business verticals and functions, and across-the-board audit of digital platforms and digital marketing initiatives. Key propositions were identified for content marketing and critical success factors established. Creative direction setting and brand elements were finalized.

Branded content followed a rigorous and integrated approach across the content and digital assets. The blog content was created primarily by accessing in-house business presentations of Sutra, and external research reports sourced. Social media content included information distilled form facts, industry trivia, infographics and content repurposed from blogs. A simplified approach in language, voice and tone is used to simplify and popularize these esoteric topics.

Marketing Model applied for Productization

Financial Crime Compliance management involves a blend of broad-based consulting services at the enterprise level, and specific automated products and tools for process management at operational level. The target market includes SMEs and medium-scale organisations, mid to senior level professionals who are decision makers or be potential influencers. This being B2B marketing, and catering to specific industries and market segments, the marketing model of segmentation-targetting-positioning (STP) was applied in the content marketing strategy. Productization of content was duly carried out in line with the brand position, industry levers and keywords, and the brand-content-media framework..

Blog Creation & Blog Marketing

Blog marketing was applied to introduce audience to the emerging industry trends and practices. The blogs created gave definitive and comprehensive information on the key projects executed by Sutra Management Consultancies, alongwith updates and insights on the latest technological interventions in financial compliance management. The process included blog creation, distribution on the web and social media, and blog promotion for generating website traffic.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing sought to de-mystify money-laundering operations and to present Sutra FCC solutions to target audiences in an elegant, simple manner. The objective is to be active on social media and create a buzz. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the major digital platforms deployed, and posts scheduled as per a communication calendar. Industry groups formed an essential part of the marketing activity, and content was distributed across wide spectrum of groups to enhance brand awareness. Facts, insights, use-cases and information were regularly featured to promote the business and its capabilities.

Brand Identity Creation - Business Imagery

The brand identity exercise involved mapping the buyer profiles and market segments, and creating a distinct brand position which is unique and differentiated. Insignia, brand identity elements, branded content, emotional and functional triggers, vocabulary and language, tone and voice of communication, all flowed from a core brand library conceived and set up. Social media branding was primarily used for this purpose.

Experts as Influencers

In-house subject matter experts with extensive influence in the industry and wide knowledge in the key domains were featured, as part of influencer marketing. This successfully imparted a personable quotient to the business, while enhancing the message reach.

New Website Launch

28 Dec 2022

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Liudmyla Glashchenko

Design Head - Sutra Consulting