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Applications marketing using productization of technology content and product presentation.

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Product Marketing, Content Creation, Content Productization, Technology Marketing, Collateral Design

Content Assets

Product FAB, Key Features, Main Applications, Core Industries, Technical Specifications

Brand Assets

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Brand imagery

Marketing Model

Features, Advantages & Benefits – FAB model

Visiontek, a brand of Linkwell Telesystems in Hyderabad, is a leading system integrator and application provider in the areas of e-governance, retail, BFSI and energy. It consistently delivers high-quality and cost-effective electronic embedded hardware and software products & services by applying best practices through project and program management techniques, methodologies and skills.

Business Requirement

The business objective is marketing the applications to target industries, and attractively presenting the feature-rich product portfolio to inform and engage prospects. The mandate was to create marketing collateral replete with key propositions and impactful content & design.

Core Product – POS Applications

The product verticals include identity solutions, security & surveillance systems, smart energy meters, POS devices. The product portfolio offers innovative project and product based solutions, delivering high-quality and cost-effective electronic embedded hardware and software products & services.

Our Content Marketing Goal

The content marketing goal was to present the business benefits, core features and advantages of the key products. It was decided to position the business as a techno-marketing business, which offers advanced applications and services, efficiently in the retail and e-governance domains. The key marketing propositions were sought to be developed from a detailed, granular understanding of each product, by leveraging the customer benefits, technological specifications and application areas.

Content Research and Content Creation

This was achieved by in-depth understanding of the technical specifications, scanning the relevant product literature and review of the major projects carried out. The product literature and detailed business presentations proved useful in generating the core content and identifying the marketable propositions. Creative direction setting was conducted and a brand library was developed, for ensuring integrated marketing communications. Textual content including the technical language, vocabulary and nomenclature was created basis a rigorous and disciplined approach, after vetting marketing insights, field observations and industry best practices.

Marketing Model applied for Productization

Linkwell Telesystems is one of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers in electronic hardware sector, with capabilities to provide end-to-end solutioning. Content assets created includes introducing the key propositions and technologies, presenting the major business benefits and customer friendly features, and highlighting the application areas and service proposition guarantee. The goal was to create content which engages with prospects, motivates the leads and delights the customers. The Feature-Advantage-Benefit (FAB) model was applied throughout in content marketing, being a techno-operations solution.

Product Marketing – Collateral Content

Content plays a critical role in marketing collateral and product manuals. It is stated that 60% of people are inspired to check out a brand after reading related content. Here lies the significance of quality content and attractive layout to engage, impress and engage customers. An informative and granular product marketing approach was followed, to suitably present the feature-rich application.

Marketing of Devices & Applications

The main focus was on presenting the devices and the applications, with the relevant benefits, features and sub-features. The marketing collateral was made for consumption by technical and commercial professionals; so the need for a meticulous presentation which is feature-rich, informative, detailing all technical specifications and capabilities. The products including Android POS device and Iris Scanner was featured in the initial phase. A distinct theme and product imagery was created in line with the advanced applications used. Key facts, business insights and product information was blended to create a credible and attractive source of information.

Technology Marketing

The content creation and collateral design followed a technology marketing approach, with key business benefits and associated features taking precedence. Content was thoroughly researched for the specific applications and user segments, and further vetted for industry terms and nomenclature. The collateral design was developed with standard elements and themes, providing the core identity of a technology player. The objective was to present the applications as high on performance, delivering the intended functions, with ease of operations.

Digital Marketing Approach

Technology businesses ideally would require high-end B2B marketing approach. It can start with long-form blog marketing to explain the technical features and use-cases to prospective audiences, enhancing the domain authority. Search engine optimization and keyword targetting is recommended to gain organic search rank and enhance overall search performance. Google Ads is ideal for fulfilling high, immediate search intention. Social media marketing would typically include LinkedIn advertising for B2B lead generation and business discovery.

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