Executive decision making series | Robert Iger – striking winning partnerships

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Robert A. Iger as the ‘returning CEO’ has managed to grow the business and make significant improvements in profitability as he heads another term as Chief Executive Officer at The Walt Disney Company.

With creative direction-setting as his forte, Iger has enabled enterprise-wide transformation with high-quality content and focus on a streaming-focused future. Creating winning partnerships and imaginative acquisitions has been the key towards expanding the entertainment universe. A bevy of brands and businesses including Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, 21st Century Fox reflect his business acumen and ability to strike deals, seamlessly integrating it with the core business. He oversees the international brand portfolio operating across three key segments – entertainment including Disney, Hulu and TV channels, experiences with it theme parks and cruises, and sports with ESPN.  Disney+  is sitting pretty with quarterly increase of seven million subscribers, with ad supported Disney+ growing by 2 million, a crucial benchmark in the industry.

Hugely responsible for the international growth of the company, Iger led the business from $48 billion to $257 billion in his first tenure as CEO. Disney has been recognized as one of the ‘Most Reputable Companies’ by Forbes magazine during his tenure. Future looks bright with investment in Epic Games targeting Gen Z and Gen Alpha, and expected rollout of stand-alone ESPN streaming service next year. Recently analysts at Bank of America Research credited him for decisive action, a must-have trait for any top executive.

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