Executive decision making series | Sunil Mittal – leading the mobile telephony wave

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Suni Bharti Mittal can be credited to have brought an incredible vision and powerful execution to the burgeoning telecom penetration in the country; and such deep-seated and steadfast conviction of the potential of the telecom business, and his belief in the Airtel brand as a torchbearer of this transformative story, is rightfully the stuff of legends. Today it stands among the top three mobile service providers globally, with operations spread across 17 countries with a solid reputation as a premium operator.
Bharti Airtel consistently endorsed a superior product offering with a clear value proposition, and successfully introduced industry-defining products in the Indian telecom landscape, each creating a wave and expanding the market. The strategic partnership with IBM – another first in the industry – and the complete out-sourcing of technology mandate, resulted in freeing up the capital for the much needed network rollout, sales and distribution;  the critical success factors in a super-fast growth sector.

With the highest average revenue per user in the industry and the most transparent accounting, Bharti Airtel remains the first choice in telecom mindshare in the country, clocking annual revenue turnover exceeding USD 18 billion with Indian operations growing at double digits in the last quarter.

 Exercising 100% strategic control in Bharti Airtel through the controlling share-holding in Bharti Telecom is another testimony to his keen strategic mind, combined with his flair to forge winning partnerships with entities of consequence, and his overarching ability to be at the helm of affairs and influence them.

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28 Dec 2022

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