Executive decision making series | Sunil Mittal – leading the mobile telephony wave

Suni Bharti Mittal can be credited to have brought an incredible vision and powerful execution to the burgeoning telecom penetration in the country; and such deep-seated and steadfast conviction of the potential of the telecom business, and his belief in the Airtel brand as a torchbearer of this transformative story, is rightfully the stuff of […]

C.T. George Memorial Quiz Contest | ByGeorge You Got It | Season III Edition II

At Government Boy’s High School, North Parur on 16th February 2024 The quiz came to an exciting finish and winners were decided on a tie-breaker round. The prizes were given away by Mrs Mary George and Ms Sherina George C. Winning Team of Quiz Finals : Partheev Babu & Advaith S. Ashok,First Runners-up : RK […]

Executive decision making series | Herb Kelleher – for the joy of flying

Herb Kelleher stands tall amongst the maverick CEOs who have transformed industries by thinking the unimaginable and doing the unthinkable. He developed an alternate vision in commercial aviation and created a whole new class of customers in the airline business, and Southwest Airlines owes its extraordinary success to that unconventional strategy and sticking to it […]

Executive decision making series | Sam Pitroda – a call for the nation

Executive Decision Making | ByGeorge You Got It Among the great technocrats who made the world a better place, Sam Pitroda stands tall and incomparable having ushered in the grand telecom revolution in our country. His vision and execution stands unparallelled, and our telecom success story owes so much to him, his remarkable leadership, and […]

Executive decision making series | Fritz Walter – for the country

ByGeorge You Got It

ByGeorge You Got It West Germany as the world cup football champions in 1954 exemplifies a rare case of strategic brilliance and tactical execution, so well played out on the world stage. By prevailing over the ‘Mighty Magyars’ who were the most favoured team, Fritz Walter and his squad won their first ever World Cup […]

Executive decision making series | Vivek Paul – the growth manager

ByGeorge You Got It

Executive Decision Making | ByGeorge You Got It Vivek Paul as the Vice-Chairman of Wipro, or more definitively as a quintessential growth manager, brought a world-class spirt and operational excellence to Wipro, catapulting it to the frontiers of the IT space in the early years of the 21st century. Under his watch, the sales of […]